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Bitcoin Teacher
    Get ready for 2021 New Economy
The American people were not taught finances for a reason in public school. The U.S. dollar came off the gold standard by President Nixon. President Nixon and Henry Kissinger signed a deal with the Saudi's to create the Petro Dollar. The Saudi's would only settle their oil in U.S. dollars. That's how the U.S. Emperor began. It allowed the creation of the middle class. Now over 40 years later the Saudi's are moving away from oil and countries are moving away from the U.S. Dollar. After every major war someone gets a new currency. Enough with the history lesson now we move to the digital age. Bitcoin is the greatest experiment that has been tried in over 400 years. Most fiat currencies only last 45 years. So the United States fiat currency is past due. If it weren't for Bitcoin and crypto blockchain all economies would collapse. The fiat currencies are monopoly money and built on a debt based system. Cryptos allow this fake scheme to go on forever. Get in while it's still early to invest and make money. Technology is moving fast you don't want to be on the wrong side of history.
     The United States Dollar died when Saudi's oil giant Aramco went Public Dec.11, 2019 
                 Trump signed executive order for the New Economy
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